Looking For Unique Party Ideas – What About A Western Theme Party?

Planning some fun with family and friends? A Western Theme Party can be just the party idea to have your guests raving about your party long after the music stops playing. There are many different western party ideas that you can choose for your gathering. OK Corral, Old West Saloon, or Western Ranch themes offer a host of decorating theme options. Depending upon whether your party plans call for indoor or outdoor d├ęcor, most party super stores will give you plenty of options for capturing the western feel at your home.Every great party starts with one great master list: Western Theme Party Invitations, decorations, centerpieces, props, food and games all require planning. Invitations for your Western Theme Party are widely available and come in many shapes and sizes. Personalize your invitations with real photos of western themed items then add your own personal touch! Ask your guests to get into the act by putting on their best western wear when they come to your party! The great part about western attire is that it seldom takes the more conservative party goer out of their comfort zone or makes anyone feel self-conscious. Who can go wrong with a sharp cowboy hat or a cool pair of Western Boots. Throw in some authentic cowboy blue jeans, and people won’t be able to tell if you’re an attendee or a local ranch hand.Next, get your list of decorations ready! Even if you live in the Northeast or way down South, you can turn your home into a Montana ranch in no time! Western theme party props, tableware and favors will have your guests awestruck at your attention to western detail. Barbed wire garland can be a fun accent that you can hang from your walls or display around your buffet table for an authentic touch! Your decorations can be as tame or as wild as the Old West for you western theme party.Got Kids? Then you will definitely want to think of some creative western party games and activities to keep the buckaroos busy! You can engage your younger guests in some crafts such as candle-making or Lincoln log building contests. If your youngsters prefer more active activities, organize a wagon race or a gem stone hunt. You can get play sand and purchase some special stones for ‘jewels’ at a local craft store. Provide some sifters and tool and watch the little ones hunt for gems!A western theme party isn’t just for kids. You can have activities for the grown-ups too! Games of skill such as horseshoes, archery contests or knock down the tin can with the water pistol can get even the most timid adult participating in your theme. Most importantly, just remember to have fun! The spirit of the West is friendliness and good times shared amongst friends, so be sure to just remember to have fun at your own western party!